E-Bill FAQ

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Receive your insurance bill via Email, Paper, or Both.
Save on installment service charges, time, & postage! Normal installment charges are $5, while E-Bill is $2 ($0 for EFT customers).

To enroll, sign up for our Insured Access portal.
After enrolling, click on E-Bill Options, & select E-Bill.

Need help enrolling in E-Bill?  
Click here for an instruction guide! 

How do I turn off paper bills?

After signing into Insured Access, click on Billing Options. Then, check the box that says "E-Bill only, and then click Submit Changes. You can change the delivery method of your billing notices at any time. The change will take effect with your next billing notice. 

Will my service charges be reduced if I receive my bills as E-Bill?

Yes, if you turn off paper billing, your service charges will be reduced from $5 per installment to $2 per installment ($0 for EFT customers.) For Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP) customers, click here for more information. 

Why can't I select the E-Bill option?

E-Bill is not available for Mortgagee Billed policies and Agency Billed policies.

Can I get a printed copy of a bill once I am enrolled in E-Bill?

Yes, E-Bills are in PDF format, so they can be printed and /or saved to your computer.

How are payments made?

With E-Bill you have the same payment options as with a paper bill:

Mail Payment: If you do not include a copy of your invoice, put your policy number(s) on the check.
Quick Payment: Phone or Online Payment Option using ACH, debit or credit card.
EFT: Enrollment is necessary, payments are automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date.

My bills are paid via EFT. Do I have to sign up for Insured Access to have my bills emailed to me?

Yes, in order to receive E-Bills, we need to have a valid email address on file. In addition, Insured Access offers many other features, such as viewing your policy declaration page and submitting a claim.

My e-bills were sent to me from MyCheckfree.com, why did this stop?

The CheckfreePay Corporation was a third-party vendor who made the decision to retire the e-bill and e-pay services in March of 2024.

What will happen to my Quincy Mutual bills now that MyCheckfree has retired its services?

Quincy Mutual will begin sending you paper bills. Consider enrolling in our own E-Billing service using our Insured Access customer portal.

Why can't I view my bill from the summary screen?

If you recently received a notice of cancellation, and your policy was reinstated, it will display the most recent invoice when the next one produces. This can also occur if an invoice has not yet been produced for your policy

What if my e-mail address changes?

Log into your account using your prior email address. Then, click on My Account. You can update your user information there, including email address, password, and security questions.

What if I cannot access my computer to view the E-Bill?

Contact customer service at 1-800-899-1116  extension 5390.

Can I schedule recurring payments or set up future payments?

Payments can be scheduled using Insured Access up to 60 days in advance. Payments scheduled after the due date may require underwriting review and approval.

How can I discontinue E-Bill?

Log in to Insured Access, go to E-Bill Options, and select Mail Only.