How To Receive Your BillRECEIVE YOUR BILL

Quincy Mutual offers two ways to receive your bill: a traditional paper invoice (which is the default option and requires no action from you), or an E-Bill delivered via e-mail (see the E-Bill section below).

For our customers with more than one policy, we offer an Account Bill option that consolidates your bills on one monthly statement (see the Account Bill section below).

If you are a Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP) customer, click here to learn about your billing options. 


Receive your insurance bill via email - and save on installment service charges, time, and postage! Normal installment charges are $5, while E-Bill is $2 ($0 for EFT customers).

To sign up for E-Bill, click here or follow the instructions in this guide
More information can be found on the FAQ page.

Account Bill

Account Bill allows you to consolidate two to five policies on one convenient monthly statement.  You can include policies with Quincy Mutual, New England Mutual, and Patrons Oxford.  You can choose your due date, pay in 9 or 10 monthly installments, and save money on service charges.  One $5 fee is assessed per paper statement.  Reduce this to $2.00 for E-bill or $0 for E-bill with EFT.

To sign up for Account Bill, click here.
More information can be found on the FAQ page.